Marketing Tips

Don’t Be Distracted by Your Competition

by Janet Kemmet, Graphic Response

If you are worrying too much about what your competition is doing, chances are you are distracted from the job at hand – providing the best service to your customers.  Spending your resources and energy focused on your customers allows you to develop strong relationships and build loyalty; making your competition less of an issue.  Understand how you do business and be the best solution to your customer’s needs.  Compete against yourself first by implementing these following steps.  You’ll find you don’t have time to worry as much about your competitors, nor will you need to.

  1. Make your customer your top priority.  Think about how you can bring new customers on board – and keep your existing customers happy.  Talk with your customers and make sure you are meeting their needs.
  2. Assess your strengths.  Focus on why you are the best company to keep your customers happy. 
  3. Differentiate yourself to your customers.  Demonstrate why your service and products are superior, your shipping is faster, your store is better stocked, etc.
  4. Analyze your business on a regular basis.  Understanding your business and developing strategies that work for you will prevent you from getting off-track or spending time and money chasing your competition instead of your customers.